8 Reasons You Need To Stay A Week (Or More!) On Mount Desert Island

As a weekly rental company, we get a lot of inquiries about people who want to come for only a couple days. And while there are lodging options for shorter stays, we want you to consider lengthening your trip to a one week stay on MDI. Here are eight reasons why:

1. It’s more economical, timewise. Travel to MDI from just about anywhere takes a day. Spending 30-50% of your time traveling (versus enjoying your vacation) can make you feel more tired when you get back than when you left!

2. It lets people come and go. Weekly rentals are perfect for a group vacation (some of our properties can sleep up to 15 people and we have several properties next door to each other for even larger groups!). The one stressful part of a group vacation, however, is coordinating everyone’s arrivals and departures. With a home base at a vacation rental, one family can arrive Tuesday morning and another can arrive that night without any extra hassle but with still plenty of time to spend together.

3. You spend the first two days getting your bearings. By the time you drive the Park Loop Road and figure out where everything you want to do is located, you are about two days into your trip. A short trip means you are leaving just as you are figuring it out!

4. You can attend weekly events. Whether you love the Thursday nights with the Town Band in Bar Harbor or live music at Coda on Friday nights, depending on how you time your trip, you might miss some fun, well loved local events that happen regularly and weekly.

5. Weather has time to be Maine-like. Two days of rain? It happens on MDI! You can take those days to enjoy more woodsy hikes and still have time, literally, for the fog to clear.

6. Explore other parts of MDI you wouldn’t see otherwise. Sure, you saw all the tourist-y stuff (as you should!) the first two days but what about that hike on Flying Mountain or picking up a blueberry pie to eat at breakfast? Giving yourself a few extra days means you can explore trails, food, and more hidden treasures of MDI than your counterparts who only stay a day or two.

7. Explore the other islands. From enjoying Islesford Dock restaurant for dinner (sunset is amazing) to exploring Isle Au Haut for the day, a bit of extra time means seeing more beautiful Maine islands.

8. Do more of what you want. Whether you came to hike as many trails as humanly possible or decide for yourself who sells the best possible lobster by eating one at every place you go to, you can make it your mission for a week to do a lot more of what you want to do. 

Have we convinced you? Click here to browse your property options or contact us with what you need and we’ll find the perfect spot for you!